Gender Equity Initiative at Haas

What We Do

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GEI consists of five Committees, each focused on a different aspect of gender equity in the Haas community.

Read on to learn more about the purpose and initiatives of each Committee.


Admissions Committee

Members: Joanne Lee, James Parnham, Selena Robinson

Purpose Statement: To promote gender equity in the recruitment, admission, and enrollment of students in the FTMBA program, raising awareness and priority of gender equity in admissions among program staff, prospective students, new admits, and current students.

Desired Outcomes: 

>43% female enrollment in the FTMBA class of 2019

>45% female enrollment by the FTMBA class of 2020


Academics Committee

Members: Mike Solarz, Tiffany Lee

Purpose Statement: To raise awareness among faculty and the student community on attitudes and behavior in the classroom to promote gender equity and inclusivity; to review course content and seek to fill gaps where gender equity is not addressed

Desired Outcomes: 

Increased awareness among faculty and student body of importance of gender equity in the academic environment

Increased awareness among faculty and student body of best practices to foster gender equity in the classroom

Culture Committee

Members: Natalie Osterweil, Sofia Ramos Guerrero

Purpose Statement: To promote understanding of diverse perspectives, bring a gender lens to the Haas community, and make life at Haas more family-friendly.

Desired Outcomes:

Promote an environment for hard conversations

Raise awareness about gender equity at home (not only at work) and of the benefits it has for everyone

Integrate and engage the community

Career Committee

Members: Jenn Hoss, Kim Ayers, Fabian Poliak

Purpose Statement: To prepare all Berkeley Leaders for successful career opportunities and gender equity leadership.

Desired Outcomes: 

Insights on student performance in and sentiments on summer internship recruiting and full-time recruiting

Collection and synthesis of alumni data with key takeaways

Share new insights regarding recruiting and post-Haas experiences for men and women with broader Haas community

Use of new one-pager and programming info in future post-Haas roles by club members

High evaluation of On Campus Recruiting firms in equitable recruiting indicators according to students

Resource for stats by industry of female representation and females in leadership

Communications & Outreach Committee

Members: Lisa Hunter and Ejede Okogbo

Purpose Statement: To facilitate the exchange of information and understanding about GEI and gender equity at Haas and beyond.

Desired Outcomes:  

Increased awareness and understanding of the GEI at Haas

Increased size of GEI’s network on campus and beyond