Gender Equity Initiative at Haas


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Key Insights

Below are highlights from the research that the GEI has conducted since 2013. 



  • Haas student surveys showed that female and male Business School applicants place different weight on criteria when deciding which school to attend. Women tended to place more weight than men on Academic Fit, Location, Alumni Network, Club Presence, and Women's Initiatives.
  • Fewer women than men apply to Haas. From 2011 the percentage of women admitted has been consistently higher than the percentage of men admitted - but men yield (choose to enroll) at a higher rate.
  • Outreach to admitted students (phone calls and events) makes a difference in yield and matriculation. This has become a focus of the GEI Admissions Committee.


  • Shifting the culture at Haas has been a priority for GEI. Surveys over the past five years have shown that Haas is on a great trajectory and prioritizes inclusivity.
  • Based on student feedback, orientation week (Week 0) is the optimal time to set the tone for a culture of inclusivity and to begin to build trust within the Haas community.


  • More female speakers are being invited to campus (though they are still in the minority).
  • A survey of Haas women found that they value mentorship highly, but are less likely to approach professors outside of class (this was particularly true for international women who were hesitant due to language barriers).
  • Women are under-represented as protagonists in case studies in the Core Curriculum.